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Samsung Bangladesh Research and Development Institute

Android Experience

11/01/2011 05/01/2014
Software Engineer

Worked as core member of Contacts group of Android since the starting of Android projects in the organization. Involved in development works of Contacts Application in different phases of OS upgrades both in Korea and in Bangladesh. Worked on Contacts UI and also implemented several new features of Contacts for Android devices. Worked in Korea with Contacts Team for Samsung various model development. Worked on Chat App joyn Feature Integration Worked as Developer of Reading Message with Animation project which would allow users to listen received message and draw message contents with animations.

Silicon Orchard Ltd

Android Experience

05/01/2014 08/01/2016
Android Developer

App Development using Unity3d, cocos2dx, android native Code reviewer

Project manager

05/01/2014 08/01/2016

Project management App Spec Design and Requirement analysis